Allan Foundation Repairs

Over 30 years of experience

Over 30 years of experience

Allan Foundation Repairs provides foundation repair services. Our team has in excess of 30 years experience repairing cracks, installing French drains and garage floor replacement in the West Island of Montreal and the surrounding areas. When you contact us we will visit your home to assess your foundation problems and determine the extent of the issue. Then we will offer a solution and provide a no-obligation estimate for the work that will be needed. Depending on your particular needs and budget, this could include polyurethane injections for foundation cracks, interior or exterior French drains, basement waterproofing membranes, sump pump pits, window wells and garage floor replacement.

Basement Waterproofing

Exterior/Interior French Drains
Foundation Crack Injection
Foundation Membranes
Sump Pump Pit installation
Window Wells

Foundation Crack Repair

Steel Braces for large cracks
Polyurethane injection
Waterproofing Asphalt Emulsion
Polybitume Rubber Asphalt Sealer
Delta MS Membrane

French Drains

Exterior French Drains
Interior French Drains
Waterproofing Asphalt Emulsion
Delta MS membrane

Sump Pits

Sump Pits

Sump Pump Pit Installation


Transferrable Warranties

10 Years Warranty

Exterior Crack Repairs
10 Years

5 Years Warranty

Interior Crack Injection
5 Years

15 Years Warranty

Exterior French Drains
15 Years

15 Years Warranty

Interior French Drains
15 Years

Exterior French Drain Photo Gallery

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